Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016)

When I was in 6th grade I got in trouble for listening to the ‘Love Symbol Album’ by Prince and The New Power Generation at school. They took the tape, wrapped it up in brown paper, and sent it home with me and a note to my parents. I didn’t tell them that my dad gave me the tape. That way the school thought I’d get punishment when I got home and wouldn’t come up with their own.  I think that might have been my 1st time personally witnessing how music and art can scare people. I liked that. It stuck with me even when I didn’t dig his records. I’d share the song that I imagine was the one that got me busted: ‘Sexy Mothrfucker’ but Prince was the master of getting his shit taken down from YouTube.
Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016) Rest In Purple